Danzante at Round Mountain

This is a “Danzante” which roughly means saint dancer. These folks gather at Round Mountain north east of Tularosa to celebrate the 1868 battle of Round Mountain between Spanish settlers and the Apache to the east.


This is the second year I have covered this event, and I love it. It is so unique, totally Tularosa and the folks participating are always glad to see me.

Baseball season is underway

Baseball season is about to begin. We have a very small time team in Alamogordo, lower than A ball, lower than independent ball. But this is my favorite. There is a certain poetry to the incompetence of it all. If a guy gets on first base, he more than likely will steal second. And the catcher will more than likely miss the throw. I love it.

I always take a pitcher shot to begin the season. It’s easy and it looks cool. I’ll get to the double play action later.



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